Led advertising car can not make money and what you do not know

Advertising has been rooted in our lives. The way of propaganda is endless. Traditional advertising has gone out, and advertisers can no longer meet their needs. At this time everyone put their eyes on the led advertising car, so in the end how led advertising car, led advertising car can make money.


Led advertising car history

Want to know that led advertising car can not make money, of course, need to understand the history of led advertising car, led advertising car this idea once flashed in the United States, brought to China in 2006, after two years of research, in 2008 finally produced the first of us China's own production of led mobile advertising vehicles. The device has been seen throughout the country by 2010.

Led advertising car foreground

With regard to the market prospects of led advertising vehicles, in the next three years, the conservative estimate will also reach 10% of the entire advertising turnover, and it will maintain rapid growth. In 2008, the total amount of advertising in the country was more than 400 billion yuan. In other words, led advertisement vehicles will have a total amount of more than 40 billion yuan each year. This data will increase year by year as demand increases. Led advertising car is a very popular advertising media equipment for outdoor people, and environmental protection is in line with the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection in the 21st century. Led advertising vehicles are outdoor new advertising media devices. With a wide range of outdoor features, but also has led multimedia media advertising advantages, so it has a broad market space.

Can a led advertising car make money?

Under the analysis led advertising car in the end can make money, is now a prefecture-level city as an example, led advertising car in the end how to make money, suppose it is self-employed advertising company, business division.

1 Government, enterprises, institutions, ministries and commissions, and the joint promotion of the whole year. Specifically for each department’s policies, laws and regulations. Such as: forest fire prevention, family planning policy, fire safety, quality supervision, etc., each department can, according to the local situation, generally charge 50,000 yuan per unit for the whole year (from time to time).

2 Commercial (hundreds of times a day, 15 seconds of advertising).

1> Specifically for real estate, finance and insurance, the minimum charge is 8,000 yuan/month.

2> Communications, computers, IT products, department stores, shopping malls, cars, charge 6,000 yuan/month.

3>Building materials, decoration, medical treatment, beauty salons, charge 5,000 yuan/month. 4> Restaurants, entertainment, studios, clothing, household appliances, charge 4,000 yuan/month.

3 Vehicle rental Every grand festival, real estate opening, opening of stores, etc., a single business advertisement is played throughout the day, and charges are 5000-8000 yuan per day.

4 Benefit Analysis Each industry averages 3 to 8 customers per month, reaching 15 to 20 customers a month, with an average of 6,000 yuan per customer for an advertising fee of 6,000 yuan per 15 seconds × 17 customers × 12 months = 1224,000 yuan

Of course, local differences may be a bit different, some local outdoor led market quotes, with a car, 15 seconds advertising one year (10 customers) as an example. The price of the publication is about 10,000 yuan/week/screen (210 times, 30 times a day, keeping the advantage of playing high density, similar outdoor led screen advertising in Shanghai is between 40,000 and 60,000 yuan), of course, these can only be Reference.

People are always pursuing new things, because it can be developed, and the advertisement advertising vehicle will surely set off an advertising boom with its "new" features.

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