Why hasn't the pipe frame been used all the time?

Most sellers pay more attention to the quality of vehicles when they purchase cars. As a means of transportation on the road, the car is also more important in terms of quality and safety. Most production cars nowadays use keel rides, and there is almost no vehicle to see the pipe. Why is the steel pipe or aluminum pipe having a small driving quality, good mechanical properties, and easy manufacturing, but it has not been used?


First, the user needs

The frame of the family car is generally stamped and welded. Only the track car increases the strength of the car body by adding steel pipes inside the car body. The speed of cornering of the track car is casually 100 KM/H, and the family car does not need to. The track car will usually compete with other cars. There will be fierce collisions, tumbling, and loss of control will be commonplace. A car can be built in a short time, but excellent drivers cannot. The steel pipe frame can withstand stronger impact and can better protect the driver. The loss is comfort. The track adds steel pipe, and the rider needs half a minute to get out of the car.

Second, the assembly process

With a high degree of automation, the process of personnel participation is relatively small (framework production section). There are too many dead ends in the steel frame, and it is not possible to use robot welding. Manual welding is required. Welding quality can not be achieved, manual operation efficiency is also low.

Third, the frame production costs

In the case of mature mass production vehicles, the daily output can exceed 1,000 units. The main parts of the frame are mostly stamping, casting, welding and other processes, with high precision, high production speed, and high yield. If you change to a steel pipe car, it is difficult to ensure that every frame is the same. So many tubes to be welded together to ensure accuracy, really is a technical activity, production capacity is also limited. Compared to the ordinary passenger car process, it is not worthwhile.

Editor's Note: Relative to stampings or integrally molded bodies, the strength of the steel frame is too low. The welded frame will generate welding stress after cooling, resulting in deformation, so it is difficult to guarantee the processing accuracy, which will greatly increase the difficulty of assembly.

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