What is the working principle of the video surveillance system?

Video surveillance system is an important part of the security technology system. It is an advanced and highly preventive integrated system. It can be directly viewed by remote camera and its auxiliary equipment (pTZ, lens, etc.). Monitoring the situation of the place. So, do you know what the working principle of the video surveillance system is? Here is a detailed introduction for everyone! The video surveillance system is the physical basis for real-time monitoring of key departments or important places in various industries. The management department can obtain valid data and images through it. Or sound information, timely monitoring and memory of the process of sudden abnormal events, to provide efficient and timely command and height, layout of police forces, handling of cases, and so on. With the rapid development and promotion of current computer applications, a powerful digital wave has emerged around the world, and the digitization of various devices has become the primary goal of security protection. The performance characteristics of the video surveillance system are: real-time display of monitoring screen, single-channel adjustment of video image quality, each recording speed can be set separately, fast retrieval, multiple recording mode setting functions, automatic backup, pan/tilt/lens control function , network transmission, etc. Add a time generator to overlay the time display into the image. Add audio and video amplifiers when the line is long to ensure the quality of audio and video monitoring. Scope of application--Banks, securities business places, enterprises and institutions, institutions, internal and external environments of commercial premises, building passages, parking lots, internal and external environments of high-end community homes, libraries, hospitals, parks.
Video surveillance system schematic
Video surveillance system schematic

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