Five small tips for the external leakage treatment of the electric control valve

Five small tips for the external leakage treatment of the electric control valve

The first method is to increase the sealing grease method; this method is for a valve body that does not use sealing grease, and it is considered to increase the sealing grease to improve the sealing performance of the valve stem. When routinely maintaining the electric control valve, it is also necessary to add additional sealing grease.

Method 2, change the flow direction, set P2 at the stem end method; when ΔP is larger and P1 is larger, the seal P1 is obviously more difficult than the seal P2. Therefore, the electric control valve can adopt the method of changing the flow direction, and the P1 is in the valve. The rod end is changed to P2 at the valve stem end, which is more effective for valves with high pressure and large differential pressure. For example, bellows valves should generally consider sealing P2.

The third method adopts a lens pad sealing method; for the sealing of the upper and lower covers, the sealing of the valve seat and the upper and lower valve bodies. If the surface is sealed, under high temperature and high pressure, the sealing property is poor, causing leakage, and the electric adjustment can be changed. The valve lens pad is sealed to give a satisfactory result.

Method 4, increase the filler method; usually use double or multi-layer mixed filler to simply increase the number of gaskets, such as increasing 3 pieces to 5 pieces to improve the sealing performance of the valve stem, but the electric control valve The leakage effect is not very obvious.

The fifth method is to replace the graphite filler method; a large number of four ** fillers are used, and the applicable working temperature is in the range of -20 to 200 ° C. When the working temperature is changed at the upper limit and the lower limit, the sealing performance of the electric regulating valve is obvious. It has fallen, and it has a fast aging and a short life. It is recommended to use flexible graphite filler to overcome the difficulties that the four-filler can not withstand, and the service life is long, thereby improving the reliability of the seal. Many factories have changed the four ** fillers to graphite fillers, and even the newly purchased regulators have replaced the four ** fillers with graphite fillers. However, graphite packing also has a disadvantage, that is, the backlash is large, and some of them also have creeping phenomenon at the beginning. For this reason, manufacturers and users should also consider when designing and installing electric regulating valve equipment.

The above is the solution to the external leakage phenomenon of the electric control valve. If you want to know more electric control valve consultation, you can continue with other contents.

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