India set off to boycott China’s cargo waves

On October 4th, Indian social media heard the noise of boycotting Chinese goods during Diwali in October, including the top of the Indian People’s Party, which was headed by Prime Minister Modi. According to the Global Times quoted India’s Economic Times on October 26th, the National Federation of Traders of India said today that Indian retailers are reluctant to hoard more after the call to boycott Chinese manufacturing continues to spread on social media. Chinese goods, this year's Diwali demand for Chinese products fell 45% year-on-year, including light bulbs. On the streets of Kolkata, protesters burn Chinese goods. Diwali is held in October or mid-November. It is an important festival for Hinduism. Its importance is similar to Christmas and New Year, and it is also India's most popular shopping season. India set off to boycott China's cargo waves The National Federation of Traders of India said that the campaign to boycott Chinese products during Diwali has greatly affected the sales of Chinese products. During the holiday season, the number of retailers buying Chinese products from wholesalers dropped significantly. This boycott movement not only affected the market, but also passed into the homes of the people. It became the talk of women and children. They were the main force in shopping during the holiday season. Chinese products that are affected by reduced demand include firecrackers, light bulbs, kitchen utensils, toys, gifts, electrical accessories, electronics, consumer goods, home decorations, and more. The federation said that the boycott campaign has given Indian traditional pottery workers a new life. They produce a large number of pottery products, hoping to be an alternative to Chinese light bulbs and decorations. Handicrafts made in India as pottery lamps Allegedly benefiting from the handicrafts of Indian-made pottery lamps, the Indian government is said to benefit from the Indian government’s implementation of a long-term strategic plan that will provide full support to small-scale manufacturing in the country to help them produce at a lower price. High quality products. Another Indian news website,, reported on the 24th that in the Diwali market, sales of decorative lighting in China fell by more than 40%, sales of other similar small commodities fell by 30%-40%, and sales of LCD electronic products fell by 10%-15 %, while mobile phone sales fell only 2%. Chinese mobile phone brand Xiaomi does not seem to feel the chill of the boycott. On October 6th, Xiaomi officially announced that during the first three days of the Indian holiday season, Xiaomi sold 500,000 smartphones on Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart. Last year, Xiaomi spent one. This achievement was achieved only in the month. Manu Jain, head of Xiaomi India, released a tweet on October 19th to celebrate the sale of 1 million mobile phones within 18 days. "India Express" quoted the All India Federation of Business Association data as saying that the loss will be at least 30% due to the movement; the report also pointed out that China provides almost all daily necessities in India, and boycotting Chinese products will be a Chinese and Chinese company. Big setbacks.

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