In Hubei, to buy an excavator, what models are recommended?

In the whole year of 2017, the sales volume of excavators in Hubei Province was close to 7,200, ranking the sixth in the domestic provinces. It can be regarded as a big province for excavator demand. So, in Hubei, if you want to start an excavator, what models are worth recommending? Let's take a look at the most common choices in the local market in 2017.

In terms of sales volume, Sany, Caterpillar, Doosan, Xugong, Hitachi Construction Machinery and Komatsu are the most popular brands for Hubei users in 2017. Among them, Sany excavator sales exceeded 1,600 units in Hubei Province throughout the year, Caterpillar sold nearly 1,200 units, Doosan sold over 800 units, and XCMG approached 800 units. Hitachi Construction Machinery and Komatsu sold more than 400 units.

From the tonnage point of view, the excavator sales in the 6<a≤13 tonnage range are the most, close to 2100 units, accounting for about 29% of the total sales; followed by the 19.5<a≤24.9 tons range, with sales of more than 1,700 units, accounting for about 24%; The sales volume in the range of 5 ≤ a ≤ 6 ton is approximately 1400 units, accounting for 19%.

Looking specifically at the best-selling models, in 2017 there were 21 models in Hubei province with cumulative sales of more than 100 units, and sales of 6 models were more than 200 units. Three or two models took the first and second place in the championship, selling 422 SY75C-10 and 271 SY55C-10 respectively. Caterpillar 313D2GC ranked third with 241 sales, followed by XCMG XD75D, Doosan DX215-9C and SY60C. Caterpillar 336D2 has a good sales of large-tonnage excavators, with sales of 82 units; Trinity SY485H, sales of 50 units.

Let's look at Hubei excavator friends in the online (iron arm mall) focus on models - XCMG XE150D, Komatsu PC70-8, SK200-8, Hitachi ZX120, SY60C, Caterpillar 307E.

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