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Warm description:
Floor heating that is ground radiant heating, different from the traditional air conditioning, oil Ting, heaters, radiators and other heating methods; is divided into electric floor heating and water heating; electric floor heating refers to the laying of heating cables under the ground, after the heat generated to heat the ground heating Water warm refers to the laying of plastic pipes under the ground, through the hot water generated by the gas boiler to heat the floor heating, because the pipe through the low temperature of less than 60 oC hot water, it is called low temperature hot water floor heating, Referred to as "floor heating". HVAC Online

The Jiangnan region is located in the coastal zone and is humid and cold in winter. However, due to historical reasons, the family’s winter heating has been left blank. With the booming economy in the region and the improvement of people’s living standards, the gas fireplaces introduced by countries such as Europe a few years ago, winter home warmth demand is rapidly being released in the region. Home floor heating system not only can be heated in winter, but also can provide domestic hot water all year round; Because low-temperature hot water surface radiant heating system heat dissipation is more than 70% low temperature heat radiation, the rest is heat conduction, almost no convection, so floor heating temperature from bottom to top Decreasing distribution, this vertical temperature gradient meets the requirements of the human head cold foot warm comfort, and there is no feeling of traditional heating methods such as hot under cold and hair blow; and the human body has high perception of radiant heat, in the same comfort conditions The temperature in the floor heating area can be lower by 2 oC than other heating methods, and the energy saving effect is obvious.
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Floor heating system:

The complete low-temperature hot water surface radiant heating system shall consist of a gas boiler, a main pipe and its insulation, a ball valve, a sub-water collector (with a flow meter and a thermoelectric valve), a circulating booster pump (with wall-hung boiler linkage), and a constant temperature Mixed water valve, pressure differential bypass valve, automatic air release valve, drain valve, anti-condensation valve, ground radiation pipe (or radiator), heat insulation reflective material, pipe joints and thermostat and other equipment and components, The temperature controller can be used to set the temperature in different areas and automatically control the indoor temperature. Weekly programming temperature controller, but also according to different families, personal habits of life, set different temperatures in different periods, automatically turn on and turn off the heating system in advance. HVAC - Air Conditioning - Online

Due to the short time for the system to enter the Chinese market, the rapid development of the household floor heating system in the short term has also caused a large number of unreasonable solutions in the floor heating market. Some companies cannot provide a reasonable system in order to save costs or be constrained by their own technical forces. Configuration. A reasonable floor heating system should ensure the safety, comfort, energy saving, and stability of the system. At present, companies operating home floor heating systems on the market are mixed. Most companies only have gas boilers, sub-water collectors, ground radiation pipes (or radiators), and other components are not equipped with poor heat insulation reflections. Materials, etc., seem to have little investment at first, but operating costs and maintenance costs are staggering, serious problems arise, the system runs for a long time, and the heating effect not only attenuates significantly and the system is prone to failure, affecting the comfort effect of warmth.

The role of various parts of the floor heating system:

1. Wall-hung boiler (built-in expansion tank and water pump): The function of the boiler is to provide the required heat for the system and the main equipment of the heating system, so the quality of the boiler will seriously affect the safe operation and heating of the entire system. Due to the long period of application of independent heating systems in European countries, the safety measures of the boiler manufacturer's safe operation have been designed thoughtfully, the control of production quality is relatively strict, and its thermal efficiency has been improved compared to boilers in other regions. Reliable, long life. HVAC Online

2. Sub-collector (with flow balance valve and thermoelectric valve): The quality of the sub-collector, its material and structure are more reasonable, the hydraulic distribution between the various branches in line with the principles of fluid mechanics, easy installation, The circuit has a flow balance valve that can be precisely adjusted. In the case of different pipe laying methods and the configuration of a thermoelectric valve and an indoor thermostat, it can provide the required thermal load for different areas and the individual requirements for room temperature at different time periods.

3、Circulating booster pump (with wall-hung boiler jointer): The main function of the circulating booster pump equipped with wall-hung boiler linkage is to increase the capacity of wall-hung boiler built-in water pump to overcome resistance and local resistance along the system water pipeline, and guarantee heating and hot water. According to the design value can be sent to each heating function area. The function of configuring the boiler linkage is to ensure that the circulating booster pump runs synchronously with the built-in water pump of the boiler. Guizhou Huamao HVAC Technology Co., Ltd. Shen Manager 13985468646

4、Temperature mixing valve:Because the water temperature of the boiler is higher than 60°C (especially when the water temperature is 85°C in the system, such as radiators and other high-temperature water equipment), the national regulations require that the temperature of low-temperature floor heating cannot exceed 60°C. The main function is to automatically mix part of the heating water back into the heating water supply pipe, so that the heating water supply temperature is constant at about 55oC. This is critical for the service life of floor heating pipes! HVAC - Air Conditioning - Online

5. Differential pressure bypass valve: In the heating system with independent temperature control, the water flow and pressure value in the system are constantly changing with the opening and closing of each area, which may exceed the rated work of the boiler and the water pump. Range, the installation of differential pressure bypass valve can make the system run smoothly.

6. Automatic air release valve: The function of the automatic air release valve is to discharge the non-condensable gas in the pipeline to prevent gas blocking in the pipeline; too much gas in the pipeline will reduce the effective heating area and lead to system pressure. Instability. HVAC Online

7. Discharge valve: The function of the drain valve is to drain the water in the system pipeline when maintaining the heating system for maintenance.

8. Anti-condensation counterbalance valve: Because the temperature of the heating return water is too low, the temperature difference between the surface temperature of the heat exchanger and the flue gas temperature will be too large. Condensation water will appear on the surface of the heat exchanger, and sulfur oxidation in the condensed water and flue gas will occur. Material and nitrogen oxides form acid and corrode the heat exchanger, affecting the working efficiency and service life of the boiler. At the same time, it will lead to the failure of sensors in the boiler, wind pressure switches and other equipment. Therefore, a part of the water supply must be diverted to the return water through the anti-condensation counterbalance valve to increase the boiler return water temperature so that the system can operate normally. HVAC zaixian

9, thermostat: Home heating system is the most important indicator is the heating temperature and gas consumption, thermostat according to the set temperature and the actual temperature of the indoor deviation, control sub-collector thermoelectric valve on and off, thereby regulating the indoor temperature.

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