The cooling of Synrad 100W metal RF tube with S&A CW-6000 water chiller

[In selection of water chiller, S&A is expert. I`ll choose what you recommend to me! " This was the first sentence said by the customer President Lin engaged in laser marking when he met S&A. For later selection, President Lin has much trust in S&A.
President Lin wanted to cool Synrad 100W metal RF tube, and the water chiller was to be applied in the industry of laser marking. When S&A recommended CW-6000 water chiller with 3000W cooling capacity to match with Synrad 100W metal RF tube, President Lin directly ordered this model promptly.
S&A is so lucky for meeting such a customer that trust S&A. Thank you so much for your support and trust in S&A. All S&A water chillers have passed the certification of ISO, CE, RoHS and REACH, and the warranty period has been extended to 2 years. Our products are worthy of your trust!
S&A has a perfect laboratory test system to simulate the use environment of water chillers, conduct high-temperature test and improve quality continuously, aiming to make you use at ease; and S&A has a complete material purchasing ecological system and adopts the mode of mass production, with annual output of 60000 units as a guarantee for your confidence in us.
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