The 8th Material Fair blew the "green wind"

The 8th Expo, which will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from October 14th to 16th, will showcase and discuss green logistics and low-carbon transportation. Throughout every corner of the Expo Museum, and affect the entire industry.

In addition to the new energy, logistics equipment and technology, and public transport exhibition areas, this year's Expo will be designed for green logistics. Sea-rail combined transport is a green transportation mode that is currently being developed by all countries in the world. It realizes the goal of “one declaration, one inspection and one release” to complete the entire transportation process. In the sea-rail transport area, the Shenzhen Pingyan Railway and dozens of sea-rail transport companies will jointly exhibit. The Pingyan Railway belongs to the Yantian International Container Terminal, which runs from Yantian in the south to Pinghu in the north. It is a total length of 23 kilometers. It is the Yantian International Special-purpose Shugang Railway. Now it has opened the container express express from Yanping to Yantian and the Yantian to Shaoguan, Kunming and Fuling. , Zhuozhou, Longnan land port transit and railway arrival service. In addition, the Kazakhstan Railway Group, the Russian Railway Group, and the Port of Hamburg will also participate in the exhibition of sea-rail transport activities to let everyone know more about the operation mode of green logistics.

In the modular exhibition area of ​​the standard model, the Ministry of Transport will invite exhibitors, including tractors, trailers, urban distribution, clean energy, and lightweight models, exhibitors, Scania, Yongtong Trailer, Futian Auman, and Jiangling Motors. Will appear on the scene. Luantong Trailer is a well-known brand of light commercial vehicles in China. Relying on the Group's complete industrial chain and national technology research and development platform, it integrates domestic and foreign advantageous resources, and the Tongtong Trailer has fully promoted the research and development of lightweight commercial vehicles and seized the lightness of automobiles. To quantify the technical commanding heights, the company has now formed a production capacity of about 10,000 units/year.

BYD and Wuzhoulong are well-known objects in the field of new energy and public transportation, and they are also old friends of the Expo. BYD has always adhered to its own brand, independent research and development, and independent development. Its K9 is the world's first pure electric bus powered by iron batteries, and it has won the top ten in the world's best sustainable development plan announced by Sustainia in 2013. BYD is also the only Chinese company to be nominated for the tenth place in the Sustainia Awards. At present, Shenzhen has smoothly operated more than 3,000 new energy buses, including nearly 2,000 buses for Wuzhou Dragon New Energy. “Since we decided to develop new energy industries decades ago, we have combined the market demand and upgraded our products for 14 times. To provide customers with no worries, we have established a new energy GPS global monitoring and management system that can understand every single vehicle in real time. The operating status of the car, check the relevant data." Zhang Jingxin, Chairman of Shenzhen Wuzhou Dragon said. The Expo Expo will enable new energy bus customers from all corners of the world to experience the high-end technology of Wuzhou Long New Energy Vehicle at close range.

In addition to these professional demonstrations, this year the Department of Road and Transportation of the Ministry of Transport will hold a “Technical Exchange for the Application of Green Tires in Road Transport” at the Expo. Experts and scholars, leaders of government departments, and business elites in the field of Chinese and foreign tires will fully discuss the current The status quo of green tire development, advanced technologies, and practical application cases have helped transportation and logistics companies to “green” and “benefit” tires in the face of growing conflicts between economic development and environmental issues.

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