Intelligent mining

Mining mineral resources is the main way for people to obtain energy, and the mining industry is also one of the important raw material industries. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the global mining of mineral resources, increasing the difficulty of mining, and further strengthening the awareness of safety and security, all countries attach great importance to the integration of mining and technology.

Transforming traditional industries through informationization and taking the development path of industrialization and information integration is the best choice for the future development of China's mining industry.

Intelligent mine schematic

The high-end research field of modern mining industry has developed rapidly with modern high-tech, international mining technology has been continuously innovated, and breakthroughs have been made in deep mining and intelligent mining technology and equipment. Intelligent mining technology is gradually becoming a technology hotspot and a new development trend in the global mining industry.

The National 13th Five-Year Plan outlines major deployments in the four major areas of deep sea, deep land, deep space and deep blue. This is a strategic highland that is related to the country's lifeline and the future of mankind. In the field of “deep ground” exploration, mining is the first to bear the brunt, and mining workers have a heavy responsibility.

It is understood that the current global mining depth of 1000 meters above metal mines 128. The top three are Canada, South Africa and China. According to the current development speed, the number of deep mines in China will rank first in the world in a relatively short period of time.

At present, China's mining industrialization has not yet been completed and is in an important turning point. At present, a large number of “deep” mining projects are facing various challenges. First of all, it is subject to the “three highs” of the mining environment, namely high stress, high well temperature, high well depth, and lithological deterioration. These factors may induce rockburst and roof collapse, and the cost is greatly increased in terms of lifting, ventilation and drainage; Secondly, many scientific and technological problems brought about by the “three highs” have seriously affected production efficiency and safety. The deeper the depth, the greater the difficulty.

On October 28th, the “2017 Mining Frontier and Informatization Intelligent Technology Annual Conference” co-sponsored by Northeastern University and China Nonferrous Metals Society was held at Northeastern University. Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Gu Desheng said that China's mining industry is in an important historical period from the mining power to the mining power. The "deep mineral deposit intelligent mining" is a high-end research field of modern mining, and currently faces various challenges to build non-traditional The “deep” mining model, seeking new breakthroughs in “smart mining” technology, is a major mission of contemporary mining workers. In order to realize the modernization of China's mining industry, the mining industry must grasp the general trend of mining development, have a global vision and forward-thinking thinking, strive to innovate, leapfrog development, and walk out of its own road.

Strengthen international cooperation. On July 17 this year, Northeastern University and Lawrence University of Canada signed a memorandum of intent. The School of Resources and Civil Engineering of Northeastern University and the Mining Innovation and Technology R&D Department of Lawrence University will jointly establish the China-Development Mining Innovation Research Center. Focusing on deep metal mining projects, the center will strive to complement the advantages of mining technology and equipment, create a leader in the field of deep mining and an international cooperation platform to provide innovative support for related production industries.

Artificial intelligence into technology upgrade key

According to ScienceNet, a new type of mining by underwater robots is being tested for the first time under the calm waters of the abandoned mine in Whitehill Yeo, Devon, England. This is part of a project called the Feasible Reserve Mine Operating System (VAMOS) funded by the European Union. The goal is to extract mineral resources from abandoned, flooded mines, which are considered dangerous or costly to extract.

Today, underwater mining robots used in flooded abandoned mines have been successfully developed and tested. In the later stage, if the performance is stable and large-scale commercial use, not only will many abandoned mines be restarted, but also the purpose of protecting the natural environment and making full use of natural resources will be promoted, and the product will be accelerated and popularized, and the underwater mining robot industry will be promoted.

Due to the abundance of seabed mineral resources and abundance of terrestrial minerals, many countries and their companies have actively invested in research and development of deep-sea exploration and mining technologies. At present, in order to accelerate the development of the deep sea mining industry, many companies have begun to develop deep sea mining robots, and are ready to apply to actual operations in recent years.

Equally potential for underwater mining robots is space mining robots. At present, China and the United States are actively promoting theoretical research and technology research and development and reserves related to planetary mining. It is reported that China may conduct an initial exploration mission between 2020 and 2025, and the United States is also accelerating the development of space mining robots to accelerate the planetary mining program.

In November 2016, the Ministry of Land and Resources issued the “National Mineral Resources Planning (2016~2020)”, clearly proposing to vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation in the mining industry in the next five years, and accelerate the construction of digital, intelligent, informationized, automated mines and mining. The intelligent construction of the industry has begun to enter a new stage. In the positive situation of the accelerated explosion of robots and artificial intelligence, mining robots serving the mining industry are also welcoming opportunities.

As the development of mining robots enters a new stage, the difficulty factor of its application fields is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for technology are becoming more diverse and high-end. Therefore, in the context of the explosion of artificial intelligence, mining robots and artificial intelligence technologies Convergence will go further and this is the key to its technology upgrade.

Industry experts believe that in the future, in order to better cope with the more complex, dangerous and sensitive deep sea and space mining environment, the mining robot's autonomy, analysis ability and operation ability will be higher, which requires artificial intelligence. Technical support.

"Two-in-one integration" transforms traditional industries

Remotely controlled intelligent unmanned mining is the most fundamental, effective and reliable method to cope with deteriorating deep mining conditions and environmental conditions, maximizing labor productivity and mining efficiency, and ensuring mining safety.

At present, the domestic and international are still in the initial stage of building “unmanned mines”. At this stage, the core technology of unmanned mining remains the automation and intelligence of traditional mining processes and production organization management. The new generation of advanced unmanned mining technology will inevitably involve changes in the mining process and the production process itself.

It is understood that the key technologies of remote-controlled intelligent unmanned mining include: virtual reality and visualization technology; advanced sensing and detection and monitoring technology; remote control and intelligent technology of mining equipment; key technology of underground trackless navigation and control; high-speed digital communication network technology ; new technology for underground automated mining.

It is understood that the Western countries began to implement unmanned mining in the underground working face in the 1980s. At present, many mines in China cannot even do the whole mechanized operation. But on the whole, China's mining technology has approached or reached the international advanced level in many aspects. Such as Yanzhou Mining Group, Huangling mining, iron ore Xingshan, Hunan Shizhuyuan Company, Daye Nonferrous Green Mountain copper mine, Tongling Nonferrous Metals Copper Mountain Mining Company, with the Coal Group, Luoyang Molybdenum Group, relying on "integration of the two "The transformation of the traditional mining industry and the continuous development of the mining industry intelligence have made great achievements."

Intelligent manufacturing leads the future of the industry

At present, green development and transformation and upgrading have gradually become the consensus of industry development, and related enterprises have intensified their technological innovation and product innovation.

The overall gap between China and foreign mines is mainly reflected in the backwardness of mining equipment in a large number of mines. Advanced mining equipment is mainly imported from abroad and is expensive. This is a key issue that restricts China's mining progress.

The HYTC8930 intelligent hydraulic mining drilling rig developed by Hebei Hongyuan Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. and Beijing University of Science and Technology and other universities has filled the gap in this field and broke the monopoly of foreign products, which can reduce the mining cost of China's metal mining enterprises. About 30%, the products are also exported to Russia and other countries.

With the remarkable achievements in the integration of major equipment manufacturing, the continuous development of coal-electricity joint ventures has provided important guarantees for the safe, efficient and healthy development of the coal industry. At the 17th China International Coal Mining Technology Exchange and Equipment Exhibition held recently, the reporter learned that the release of new technologies, new equipment and new achievements mainly include various types of mining machinery and equipment, mine construction, roadway excavation and support, and mines. Transportation, coal washing, coal mine safety, coal processing and utilization, mining area environmental protection and computer applications cover many areas of coal mining. It is also known that in recent years, the number and quality of exhibitions of the same type in China have been greatly improved, and domestic and foreign manufacturers are highly motivated, and the industry and society are increasingly concerned.

A major breakthrough in technological innovation in the energy and mining sectors is an important indicator for moving from a mining power to a mining power.

Vertical Mill Wear Parts

Hard-plate has many years experience to fabricate the nearly full set of vertical mill internal wear parts. The fabrications are mainly made from chromium carbide hardfacing plates, which has abrasion resistant property and could make the service life last longer than carbon steel.

Bimetal welding wear resistant alloy steel plate, its substrate using common Q235B steel plate, and Wear-resisting layer is composed of advanced alloy welding which was joint research and development by our company and scientific research institutions.
1, The chrome plate is a kind of the spray welding technology to produce the high wear resistance, resistance to erosion of composite materials
2, The wear-resisting layer with high hardness has good wear-resistant performance, and the substrate have most widely using because of its moderate carbon, good comprehensive performance , strength and welding
3, This plate can be easily formed to suit curves and contours. Welded studs or countersunk inserts can be fitted so the plates can easily replaceable.
4, The chromium carbide allow this wear plate to be supported under extreme wear and strong impact including of truck deck liners, hoppers, shutes
5, The substrate is not fixed, the plate can be chose according to customers needing. Different thickness is allowed according to your demand.

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