Shared Car Rental: Mobile Service Mode Makes Travel More Efficient

Today, car rentals have become one of the common travel options for urban residents. Currently, with the development of the car rental market, the car rental market is increasingly diversified. Based on the network and mobile phone client rental model, it is more suited to the consumption habits of the modern urban population.

Sharing car rental mobile phone APP car rental service interface ten concise, simple registration process, select models and booking time, and then according to the prompts to pay the relevant costs online, two minutes to complete the car rental order. In today's era of smart phones, the advantages of the mobile client are obvious.

Shared Car Rental A car rental activity of RMB 1 will be launched on April 15th, 2015. It is not limited to a car type. It costs 1 RMB for 5 km for half an hour. All members can enjoy 1 RMB car rental once a day. Registered members can now enjoy a $1 car rental, and can also receive a $600 cash bonus. In addition, the shared rental car and China Merchants Bank have reached a strategic cooperation. As long as the registered member offers the China Merchants Bank Card, they can send another two-hour fee.

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