Painter killer everywhere car to understand these

Painter killer everywhere car to understand these

The first thing to see when looking at a car is its lacquer. When the lacquer is rusted, or if it is completely dusty, even if the car is dirty, we do not want to read it. In fact, the lacquer killer is everywhere, the natural oxidation of paint, the exhaust of cars and the iron powder in the air. In the rainy season, special attention needs to be paid to the corrosion of car paint by acid rain, bird droppings, gums and iron powder.

First, paint oxidation

Under the irradiation of the sun by ultraviolet rays, the paint film will continuously evaporate oil into the air to protect itself. For a long time, it will lead to excessive dispersion of paint oil. The brightness and depth of the paint surface are greatly reduced, so that the paint surface slowly whitish, forming an oxide layer, shortening the life of the paintwork, the naked eye paint, black, white, dull and so on. Severe oxidation can be handled by grinding and polishing.

Second, traffic film

During the driving process, the vehicle generates a strong electrostatic layer due to friction. The electrostatic adsorption of dust, oil, and chemical dust is strong. After a long time, a hard layer of traffic film is formed. This kind of “traffic film” can easily make the paint surface. Oxidation corrosion occurs. This condition can be polished and polished.

Third, cracking

If you do not care for the paint, metal paint may produce a very fine crack, it will continue to penetrate the car paint until it penetrates the entire paint layer, this phenomenon is called "crashed." Sometimes cracks can also occur due to the quality of heavy paint. If there is car wax in the crack, you will find that the car body has a stripe crack phenomenon. Regular waxing can gradually reduce the production of cracks.

Fourth, fade

The fumes and pollutants in the atmosphere are the main causes of discoloration and discoloration of car paint. Discoloration and oxidation are different. When discoloration occurs, uneven paint color appears in the paint. Moderate, mild fading can be treated by grinding, polishing, and must be re-painted in severe cases.

V. Erosion marks

The pits are surface abrasions. Insects, bird droppings, sap, tar, and bitumen all have potential for pitting. Minor pitting marks can be resolved with abrasive polishing.

Six, shallow scratches

Due to friction and improper daily care, slight scratches appeared on the paint surface but no primer was exposed. The scratches were noticeable in sunlight. It is generally removed by a professional polishing method.

Seven, water marks

Water marks are traces left after the water droplets evaporate and appear ring-shaped. Oxygen, commonly used car wash cleaning car easily stained with water marks. Minor marks can be cured by waxing and polishing. In severe cases, they need to be ground or painted.

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