Magnetic separation-re-election-flotation combined process for cerium-containing and rare earth polymetallic iron ore

Header of ore beneficiation plant process steel company Baiyunebo supplied by the iron. The iron ore is a large sedimentary metamorphic - hydrothermal metasomatic niobium, rare earth metals multi iron deposit. The ore contains 71 kinds of elements such as iron, antimony, rare earth, antimony , titanium , antimony, manganese , fluorine and phosphorus , among which iron, rare earth, antimony and fluorine have comprehensive utilization value. The iron minerals in the ore are mainly hematite, magnetite, pseudo-hematite and a small amount of pyrite, limonite and siderite. Rare-earth minerals are monazite, bastnaesite, lanthanum praseodymium phosphate rock, calcium fluorocarbon cerium ore. The strontium minerals are mainly coltan, chlorite, calcite, strontium ore, ferrous and rutile. Gangue minerals are fluorite, sodium pyroxene, calcite, sodium feldspar, amphibole, sodium, dolomite, quartz, chalcedony, mica, iron ore is the major features: more elements of complex composition, utilization The value is high; there are many kinds of minerals, and the rare earth elements are concentrated; the mineral inlays are fine in size and evenly distributed. Therefore, it is a difficult ore.
The concentrating plant adopts the magnetic-heavy-floating-containing beneficiation process as shown in the figure. After grinding, the ore is first selected by a weak magnetic separator to select ferromagnetic iron minerals, and then the flotation is selected to have a grade of about 15%. Rare earth foam, and then use a strong magnetic separator to select weak magnetic iron minerals, and merge with ferromagnetic iron minerals into iron concentrates. The rare earth foam is selected by shaker to obtain coarse concentrate, medium mine and tailings, coarse concentrate and medium mine for flotation, and ammonium cyclamate is used as collector . After a coarse and fine flotation Concentrates with a rare earth grade greater than 60% can be obtained. If you want to improve the concentrate grade, you can continue to select it. After five selections, you can get a rare earth concentrate with a grade of 68% (REO) or more. After the rock is shaken and selected, the rare earth concentrate with a grade of 30% (REO) can be obtained.

Process for mineral processing of rare earth-containing iron ore

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3. Surface treatment: blasting 

4. Application: auto parts, mobile lift, rim, frame


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