Fast returns to the passenger car transmission market to replace imports

Outside of Venezuela, ZF, and Voith, the bus transmission market has recently seen a familiar and unfamiliar name—the Shaanxi Fast Automobile Transmission Group Company.
In the new models deployed by bus companies such as Yutong, Ankai, Huanghai, and Zhongda, the Fast transmission is impressive. Following the bulk export of passenger car transmissions last year, it was reported recently that Fast had 400 more 6J90T passenger car transmissions for batch export.
Do not fight unprepared. As China's largest manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicle transmissions, Fast is well known both inside and outside the industry. However, in the field of passenger car transmission, the popularity is still not high. "A lot of people think that Fast started to develop passenger car transmissions in the past two years. Actually not. We had a passenger car transmission business in the 1980s. At the time, the sales volume was not that big. It was about a few hundred a year. Later, Fast's The heavy-duty truck transmission market is getting bigger and bigger, and the production line and manpower are very tight. In order to concentrate on doing the advantageous business, the passenger car transmission will not be produced basically, said the related designers of Fast.
Fast related designers believe that in the field of passenger car transmission, Fast has a technical basis and is now only to regain it. For the development of passenger car transmissions, Fast has started research and development work since 2002. In addition, the successful experience and technology foundation of Fast in the heavy-duty transmission field has facilitated the expansion of the original sales and service network to expand the business scope.
In 2006, Fast developed 3 passenger car transmissions such as the 8JS125T and 6JS160T. Since then, Fast has successively developed new series of products such as the 6DS50T, 6DS130T, 6DS180T and 6DS200T, which fully satisfy the market demand for buses of more than 7 to 12 meters.
In 2007, Fast provided small-batch support for bus companies such as Ankai, Yutong and Suzhou Jinlong. Since last year, almost all major passenger car plants have signed cooperation agreements with Fast, and the 11 to 13.5 meters of passenger car transmission orders have grown particularly fast. This year, Fast will fully enter the passenger car transmission market.
Many key technologies for card and passenger car transmission can be shared, and many parts can be used universally. Passenger car transmissions require higher machining complexity and machining accuracy than truck transmissions. For example, passenger car transmissions with retarders have very stringent output torque requirements. Fast chairman Li Dakai said that last year was Fast's “new year of entrepreneurship” and this year was “upgrading and upgrading”. For enterprises, developing a passenger car transmission is not only a challenge but also a driving force for improving the production process and improving the technological level.
Injecting new power into the industry Bus transmissions are multi-variety, low-volume products that require a lot of investment. The profit is lower than that of truck transmissions. It takes a certain amount of courage to enter this market. What really prompted Fast to decide to redevelop the passenger car transmission was nothing else but customer requirements.
According to reports, a bus company had found Fast and hoped that Fast could support them. They are not particularly satisfied with the original matching transmission in terms of performance, price, energy saving, and environmental protection, and hope to find more satisfied suppliers.
In this context, Fast returned to the passenger car transmission market. At present, this decision is basically correct, and its product performance has been affirmed by passenger car factories and operating companies. Fast's small 8th and small 8th-gear series transmissions have better dynamic performance than comparable transmissions, and are in line with market demands for multiple gear positions, light weight, and improved fuel economy. After being put on the market, more than 10 passenger car manufacturers have been included in the complete set of vehicles.
In early 2007, Fast developed the 6DS series single-cassette double countershaft full synchronizer bus transmission on the basis of 8JS series transmissions. According to reports, this series of products has many advantages such as short axial dimension, large torque reserve factor, smooth and light shifting, good dynamic performance, and high cost performance, and can greatly increase the carrying capacity of passenger cars.
At present, China's automatic transmission market is basically monopolized by foreign capital, and foreign investment in the passenger car transmission market is growing. Li Dakai told reporters that at present, Fast is mainly replacing imported vehicles in the passenger car transmission market, and will launch automatic transmissions for commercial vehicles in the second half of this year.
A key step in the transformation of Fast's strategy is to realize the dream of developing a large-scale automobile transmission group based on heavy-duty transmissions. It is an inevitable choice to enter the passenger car transmission comprehensively.
In 2008, Fast achieved accumulative sales revenue of 6.592 billion yuan for the whole year, and 467,500 sets of heavy-duty transmissions were produced and sold. Compared with the same period of last year, Fast increased 9.08% and 8.68% respectively, ranking first in China's gear industry for seven consecutive years. The annual sales volume of heavy-duty vehicle transmissions ranked first in the world for three consecutive years.
At present, the heavy duty transmission with proprietary intellectual property rights has a market share of more than 80% in China's heavy-duty vehicle market of over 8 tons, and the heavy-duty vehicle market share of over 15 tons exceeds 92%. “We have limited room for growth in the heavy-duty transmission market. The goal of this market segment in 2009 is to maintain the level of last year. The further development and growth of Fast will depend mainly on new business initiatives. Stet became the key to the large-scale automotive transmission group.” Li Dakai said candidly.
According to the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” of Fast, Fast will comprehensively advance into the field of passenger cars and passenger cars, and form a production capacity of 30,000 transmissions in the field of buses. It is understood that the proportion of sales of new products such as fast buses, medium-sized trucks, light trucks and construction machinery transmissions has increased from 17.66% in 2001 to 65.35% in 2008.
At present, Fast has a monthly production capacity of 6,000 small 8-seat passenger car transmission lines. In the first half of this year, it will complete the transformation of the 8-speed passenger car transmission line. This year, 4 new products, 6DS100T, 6DS140T, 5J100T and 4J120T, will be put on the market in batches. At the same time, self-developed retarders will be introduced.
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